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Complete Commercial Groundbaits

Price: £ 3.69

Another great range of groundbaits from Bag'em. Designed and used by the Bag'em Team. Although lower in price than our Pro-Competition range we can assure you that there has been no compromise on the quality of these groundbaits, they contain only the best and freshest ingredients available. Made from the purest ground pellets combined with our unique base ensures that these groundbaits are amongst the most effective fish attractants you can buy.

  • Supreme Boilie
  • Supreme Sweet Green Fishmeal
  • Supreme Green method
  • Supreme Krill Method
  • Supreme Red Aggressor
  • Supreme Margin Mix
  • Supreme Meaty Method
  • Supreme Sweet Fishmeal

Boilie Groundbait as a unique groundbait containing a high percentage of milled boilies blended with the finest pellets.  An all round groundbait that can be used on its own or added to other groundbaits. Great for feeder-fishing, margin fishing and adding into PVA bags.  Suitable for carp, f1s, bream, barbel & tench.

For the venues that respond to coloured groundbait we have added a special green mix to our best selling sweet fishmeal groundbait. This great sweet smelling groundbait is high in fishmeal. For use in conjunction with a feeder, or fed with a pole cup. For bream, skimmers and F1's.

A green coloured groundbait with a strong fishy flavour which is high in fishmeal. Designed for method feeder fishing or balling in. Best used for carp, bream, skimmers and tench.

This new groundbait offers great versatility through the winter and summer months. It can be fed dry down the margins in the summer giving a lovely cloud in the water. In freezing cold water the break down time is very quick and leaves no residue on the method feeder.

The Red Aggressor ground bait is made from both fishmeal's and meat proteins amongst many other ingredients. One other item that is worthy of a mention is the Red Aggressor ground bait enhancer. If you have a bag of ground bait that just hasn't got any pulling power just add a few table spoons full of this and your bait will be invigorated.

Get the edge this summer with Supreme Margin Mix! This new bait is packed with particles which makes it perfect for attracting large carp into the margins and because its full of particles it will keep them feeding down the edge for longer!

Spicy meat flavoured groundbait with a high fishmeal content. Perfect for method, feeder fishing or balling in.  Best for carp, tench, barbel and chub.

A great sweet smelling groundbait, that's high in fishmeal. For use in conjunction with a feeder, or fed with a pole cup.  For bream, skimmers and F1's.


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