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Complete Commercial Groundbaits

There has been no compromise on the quality of these groundbaits...

Complete Commercial Groundbaits Range
Price: £3.49
View Complete Commercial Groundbaits

Pro-Competition Groundbaits

These fantastic groundbaits have been designed and tested by the Bag'em team...
Boilie Crush Groundbait New
Price: £4.59
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2kg All Round Groundbait

At just 6.99 for 2kg these 4 groundbaits are perfect for commercial & natural venues.
All Round Groundbaits web
Price: £6.99
View 2kg All Round Groundbait

2kg 'Naturals' Groundbait Range

Extremely versatile groundbaits that can be combined together to give...
Naturals Groundbaits Range Group
Price: £6.99
View 2kg 'Naturals' Groundbait Range

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